A Message from our CEO

Categories: Diversity & Inclusion

For 33 years Flagship has committed to building a workplace that is diverse and inclusive and we are proud of every one of our almost 6,000 employees. Comprised of individuals with backgrounds from around the country and around the world, the diversity of those that we work alongside each day is a meaningful ingredient to the Flagship culture.


In June of this year, we established the IDEA Group, made up of a cross-section of our employees from all levels and departments. Through months of sometimes difficult conversations and our employees'  feedback, we launched a multi-tiered Inclusion & Diversity program on 11/23/2020 that will help us meet our goal of fostering inclusion and acceptance throughout Flagship.

Many say that “diversity” is a noun while “inclusion” is an action. It's time for Flagship to take action and our commitment to inclusion ensures that our diverse workforce has a seat and a voice at our table. To ensure that INCLUSION remains top of mind for all of us, we have officially added it to our set of core values.

2020 value horizontal

Hear more from Dave in this short video that features the inaugural members of the IDEA Group:

To further underscore our commitment to Inclusion, we are also implementing:

  • Diversity & Inclusion training and certifications for all levels of the company.
  • New employee programs, charitable contributions and opportunities to volunteer your time to advancing diversity and inclusion in your communities.
  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) led by employees who want to connect with their colleagues that have common interests, bonds, or backgrounds.
  • A multicultural calendar for recognizing and celebrating a broad range of cultural holidays and other days of importance to our employees.

We know there is more work to be done and we will continue to learn, grow, and take action to ensure Flagship remains a welcoming place where everyone feels respected and included. That is my ongoing commitment to each of you.

All the best, Dave Pasek