Hispanic Heritage Month

Categories: Diversity & Inclusion

En Flagship, somos familia. This translates in English to, “At Flagship, we are family.” During September and October, Flagship is honoring Hispanic Heritage Month with initiatives that highlight the culture and contribute to local Hispanic communities.

Since 1988, the United States has recognized September 15-October 15 as Hispanic Heritage Month – a time to honor the influence, histories, and cultures of families originating from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. As one of the fastest-growing minority groups in the country, the Hispanic population has a significant impact on our everyday lives.

This year, Flagship is offering several opportunities to celebrate and give back to the Hispanic community, including:

  • Flagship Familia T-Shirts: We are selling t-shirts online, and all proceeds will be donated to The Concilio in North Texas and the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley.
    • The Concilio is a nonprofit that provides families with health, educational, and financial resources to achieve Latino equity.
    • Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley is a nonprofit that facilitates educational resources, leadership development, and philanthropy efforts to support the Hispanic community in Silicon Valley.

Hispanic Heritage Month Floral Shirt

Hispanic Heritage Month Countries Shirt

Purchasing a shirt is a great way to help local Hispanic families secure a brighter future!

  • Share Your Story: We are compiling a video for our website and social media channels that captures the diversity of our Hispanic/Latino employees and the beauty of their cultures. If you are interested in telling us a bit about yourself, please email IDEA@flagshipinc.com.
  • IDEA Blog: Throughout the month, follow our posts here to become immersed in Hispanic culture and educate yourself on the legacies of Hispanic heroes, past and present. Learning about different cultures, innovations, and achievements within the Hispanic community is one of the best ways for us to come together.

We work better together is not just a motto; it is a promise to continue supporting employees from all backgrounds.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month and thank you for taking part!