Hispanic National Plates: Part 3

Categories: Diversity & Inclusion, Hispanic Heritage Month

In Part 2, we shared dishes from South America and the Caribbean. In this part of our Hispanic National Plates series, we are highlighting food from Europe and Africa. Buen provecho!


Spain: Paella is the national dish originating from Valencia, Spain. It is a slow cooked rice dish consisting of saffron, tomato, green beans, rosemary, seafood or meat and many other spices. There are a variety of ways to make Paella, which often differ depending on the region of Spain you’re in, but each time it is made in a special, large pan called Paellera.



Equatorial Guinea: Succotash is the national plate, and although it is a popular dish in the Southern parts of the United States too, its roots are from West African. Succotash is made with lima beans, onions, corn, tomatoes, herbs and butter. Many other dishes from Equatorial Guinea have Spanish influences, and this one in particular is a great vegetarian option.


Thank you for tuning in to the Hispanic National Plates series and hope you get to try these delicious dishes soon!