International Day for Tolerance

Categories: Diversity & Inclusion

International Day for Tolerance fosters a societal standard to be tolerant of diverse groups and acknowledge everyone’s differences to build a stronger society. Since 1996, this day has been recognized every year on Nov. 16 when the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 51/95 and the Declaration of Principles on Tolerance.

The word “tolerance” is a chosen way of socializing and engaging with other audiences in a respectful manner when you may not see eye to eye. Tolerance is a steppingstone in creating a bond with others and appreciating each other's differences, and the differences that make up our world.

The opposite effect, “intolerance” creates an unwelcoming environment for those who think differently and causes many social issues. Being uninformed or not open to listening to different points of views creates a stagnant mentality that does not promote inclusion. The social issues at hand are discrimination, hate crimes, inequality, intentional lack of resources and little to no human rights for minority communities.

Our world is made stronger by the continuous efforts of appreciating different cultures, customs and attitudes. The ideals behind International Day for Intolerance promote world peace and human rights for all humanity. This is a global effort and needs the attention of all to advocate for a better society.

A way to acknowledge the importance of this day is getting out of your comfort zone. Learning about different cultures and their role in society helps us better understand one another. There are plenty of ways for individuals to express their experiences living a life with tolerance and being open-minded of all diverse backgrounds. On International Day for Tolerance, find your way to advocate tolerance and equity for all.