Movies for Pride Month

Categories: Diversity & Inclusion, PRIDE, LGBTQ+

In celebration of Pride Month, we’ve created a list of ten movies from all genres to celebrate, educate and entertain. For additional options, be sure to check out your favorite streaming service for their list of current releases and classics.

Pariah “Pariah” (2011) – this drama tells the story of a 17-year-old girl who attempts to embrace her identity as a lesbian amidst her parents’ disapproval.

Brokeback Mountain“Brokeback Mountain” (2005) – this neo-Western romantic drama follows the complex relationship between two American cowboys in the American West from 1963 to 1983.

But I’m a Cheerleader“But I’m a Cheerleader” (1999) – this satirical teen romantic comedy is about a high school cheerleader whose parents send her to conversion therapy to try and “cure” her lesbianism. Despite the therapy, she continues to embrace her sexuality and ends up falling in love.

Late Bloomers“Late Bloomers” (1996) – this romantic comedy shares the story of a high school basketball coach falling for the school secretary and upsetting the entire school in the process.

Paris is Burning“Paris is Burning” (1991) – this documentary was filmed during the mid-to-late 1980s. It highlights the ball culture of New York City and the African American, Latino, gay, and transgender communities involved in it.

Moonlight“Moonlight” (2016) – this coming-of-age film presents the life of a boy who is dealing with the difficulties of facing his sexuality.

Rafiki“Rafiki” (2008) – this film tells the story of a romance that grows between two women while facing family and political pressures around LGBTQ+ rights in Kenya.

Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen“Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen” (2020) – this documentary follows an in-depth look at Hollywood’s depiction of transgender people and the impact of their stories on American culture.

Imagine Me and You“Imagine Me and You” (2005) – this romantic comedy centers on the relationship between two women who meet on the wedding day of one of the women.

Pose“Pose” (2018) – a dance musical that explores New York’s gay and transgender community, the AIDS crisis, and capitalism.

Happy Pride Month!