Pride & Positivity

Categories: Diversity & Inclusion, PRIDE

I wake up each day and celebrate the lives that my LGBTQ+ predecessors before myself tirelessly fought for, that is what pride means to me.

You see the odds were against me. I was raised in an extremely small town in the south and kept in a bubble, if you will, and although that bubble was so thin and easy to pop, I was controlled and brainwashed by my parents. I knew no other way. It wasn’t until I choose to live for me that I was able to make it out.

At the age of 17, my parents kicked me out after coming out as a lesbian, years later and now as a proud transgender man, I look back and am so proud of how I chose to keep going despite every roadblock.

Pride to me is celebrating MY life and the positive impact that I can make for my community and those around me.