Employee Spotlights: Dominique & Quay

Categories: Aviation, Employees, Diversity & Inclusion

Congratulations are in order for two of our 3rd Shift Supervisors, Dominique M. and Quay W. Both of them completed special training sessions that provided in depth knowledge on our Values, Payroll, Coaching & Counseling and other topics dedicated toward advancing them in their professional growth.

Dominique Flagship Caring Value

Dominique shared that her favorite value is Caring – caring for each employee and her team. The value that she working to learn more about and incorporate into her career is Inclusion. She was excited to learn about the IDEA Group and can’t wait to get involved.

Niquasia Flagship Inegrity Value

Niquasia ‘Quay’ told us that her favorite value is Integrity – she got excited when we talked about what it means to her and what she wants her team to see from her. The value she is working to learn more about is also Inclusion. Both Quay and Dominique are already planning some great things for their staff as a result!